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Flat Cap Club terms and conditions

The Flat Cap Club Card Terms and Conditions

The use of our Club card constitutes your acceptance of our terms and conditions.  These terms and conditions of our Flat Cap Club Cards are listed below, including our Data Protection statement. Should you have any queries relating to our terms and conditions then please contact us. Please take a couple of minutes to read through these terms and conditions.

1.     Data Protection  statement:

The owners and management of the Flat Cap Hotels will use your application details and details of your purchases and when and how often you visit the Flat Cap Hotels to improve the way in which we run this loyalty and reward program and manage the Flat Cap Hotels.  What you purchase will assist us to better plan our menus, drink and wine offerings and when to put special offers in place. The Flat Cap Club Card will allow us, unless indicated otherwise, to contact you with special offers and information about our Flat Cap Hotel products and services which we believe may be of interest to you and your family. Personal data supplied by you or a Club card holder will be held and processed by the owners and managers of the Flat Cap Hotels to operate your points account; to confirm, update and enhance our customer records; for statistical analysis; and to establish a Club Card holders identity. Other than informing us about your favourite tables, pints, wines and meals we will also have better knowledge pertaining to your allergies although you should always notify your server regarding any allergies.

2.     Becoming a Flat Cap Club card holder:

Only UK Residents aged 18 or over may hold a Flat Cap Club Card and following completion and acceptance of an application form.

To become a member of our loyalty and reward program referred to as the Flat Cap Club Card, you have to scan our QR code. To redeem from the Club Card points, you will have to submit a completed form online or by hand at a Flat Cap Hotels site.  You will have to supply a working UK email address to become a Club card holder. The owners and the general management of The Flat Cap Hotels reserves the right to refuse any application, withdraw a card and the points at any time, amend and alter the terms and conditions of the scheme and terminate the scheme at anytime and at our own absolute discretion.

3.     The Flat Cap Club Card:

This Club Card is not a credit or debit card. Cards are not transferrable. Points are only redeemable on presentation of your Club card.

4.     Earning Club card points:

To earn points the card must be presented before an order is placed. Points will not be rewarded for any vending machine purchases, gratuities or cash backs. Other items may be excluded at the discretion of the owners and managers. Five points will be credited to your Club Card account for every full pound spent at the Flat Cap Hotels. This includes spend on food and beverages. A maximum of £150 can be accrued to your card on any one day. Should you choose to celebrate your birthday by dining out with a table of at least 4 dining adults at the Flat Cap Hotels you will receive a bonus of 1000 points over and above the points earned during that visit to the Flat Cap Hotels.

5.     Redeeming your Club card points:

Points can only be redeemed from Sunday after 4pm until Thursday 11 PM. The redemption of Club card points is subject to these Terms & Conditions. You may only redeem points when you have a balance of at least 500 points. The current redemption value of points is one point equals one penny.  The Club card Issuer retains the right to vary this exchange rate at any time and without notice. Points cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers unless otherwise stated. There is no expiry date on your points. The owners and managers of the Flat Cap Hotels cannot be held responsible for any lost or stolen cards. The owners and managers of the Flat Cap Hotels may refuse to redeem points and / or issue points if it is felt that the Club card loyalty and reward program is being misused, or if you are in breach of any of these Terms & Conditions. Your Club card points balance will be reflected on your card in the top corner of all Apple and Android devices.

6.     Issuer’s Rights;

Flat Cap Hotels LTD is the owner and as such the Issuer of all Flat Cap Club card. All Club Cards remain the property of the Issuer. The Issuer reserves the right to withdraw or cancel any Club card at anytime or to refuse to re-issue the FCH Club Card. Any points balance on withdrawn cards will be lost. If you do not use the card during any six month period, the Issuer reserves the right to cancel the card and any points balance will be forfeited. As the issuer, Flat Cap Hotels can alter or update these terms & conditions, relating to the Flat Cap Club, at any point. Collection of points means acceptance that the Flat Cap Club Card is bound by the latest terms & conditions released by the issuer.

7.     Cancelling a Club Card or reporting it lost or stolen:

If your Club card is lost or stolen please obtain a new card with the Flat Cap Hotels. Unfortunately if a Club Card is lost, Flat Cap Hotels can not reinstate points earnt and as such your points balance will be lost. If you do recover the missing card please inform us so as to avoid confusion.

8.     General:

These Terms & Conditions shall be governed by English law and by using your Club Card you submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts to settle and disputes arising out of or in connection with them, this loyalty and reward system and the Club Card.

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